Ratilan is a technology firm with multiple years of experience in the Pharmaceutical IT industry building products of a commercial nature using ML/NLP techniques. The philosophy we bring to the table is – build and deliver products the Customer wants not what he/she learns to use. Our products are backed by inputs from the industry experts and our In-House SME’s and over two decades of experience in the area of clinical data analysis and regulatory submission.

Artificial intelligence

Ratilan technologies focuses on emerging techniques to transform traditional clinical processes into artificial intelligence driven platform to make roles involved in the clinical trials more convenient and easier.

Machine learning

Ratilan’s R&D team is involved in exploring machine learning algorithms & techniques to help in modelling and automating the multiple areas of clinical space

  • • Predictive analysis
  • • Natural language processing
  • • Chatbot

Data Science

Data science serves a good practice in current state of clinical industry for generating efficient analytics and reporting. We are more into data science and experimenting various real time platform that looks for a robust data solution